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Praegnatus (latin for pregnancy, fertility, fecundity, fruitfulness)


Praegnatus: Life & Light is a series of self-portraits documenting the intimacy and placidity of life growing in the womb.


Praegnatus was created over the 8.5 months that I was pregnant. I shot it from a fine-art-selfie perspective. Enthralled by the changes of my body, I documented the transformation and rotundness as it grew more shapely and as the curves became more apparent on a weekly basis. 

In this series of images, I treated my body as a landscape: vast and almost limitless. Capturing the way the light hit the curves of my growing belly in varying stages of pregnancy, treating each one as a moment of stillness and contemplation. After having experienced recurring miscarriages and battling severe states of depression as a result from each loss, this body of work was created to celebrate my body and the life that was finally sustainable within it.

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